Endorphin Pro 2

Faster than your wildest dreams. It debuted at the head of the pack, and now the Endorphin Pro2 is here to rewrite your race pace. Again. Improved fit and support let you focus on the finish line, while our winning combo of ultralight PWRRUNPB and a carbon fibre plate propel you there at top speed.

Roll to a new PB
SPEEDROLL Technology propels you forward with the feeling of continuous momentum. Elevated cushioning and a stiff forefoot combine for an instantly responsive ride so you can run faster, not harder.

Fastest to the finish
The Endorphin Pro2 combines ultralight and springy PWRRUNPB cushioning with our signature S-curve carbon fibre plate for maximum SPEEDROLL effect. Getting more out of each stride makes running at top speed feel easier, so you get to the finish line faster.

New, winning fit
Improved heel support and an updated lacing system provide an even better fit than before, giving you a distraction-free ride start to finish. Good for the earth This style contains recycled materials