One of the top elite Ironman triathletes on the womens side for the last few years. Åsa has qualified for the World champs on Hawaii 5 times (2014-2018). Her best result on Hawaii came in 2016 where she finished 8th.

Åsa has along side here life as a top level triathlete been studying medicine over the last few years. In 2019 she completed her studies and works part-time as a doctor when she is not out training.


1st Ironman Kalmar, 2013

1st Ironman Lake Tahoe, 2014

8th Ironman World Championship Kona Hawaii, 2016

2nd Ironman Kalmar, 2018

How many years have you been part of Team Saucony?


As far back as 2015

Your 3 favourite Saucony shoes?


1. Kinvara

2. Fastwich

3. Freedom

Åsa’s favoutite Training Session?

Long and tough! When I am in good shape and i’m about to do my last long session before an Ironman, those kind off sessions are the ones i like the most. For example: 30-35km with 10km + 2x5km at race pace

Hobby outside of being an elite triathlete?

I like interior design, to be out in nature and try food  from different cultures.


Best advice for someone who has or is just about to start competing in triathlon? 

Join your local club! Here you will get plenty of tips on how you should train, have great training partners and lots of inspiration.